About Us

Who are We

Mo juice living organic juices are made from fresh Fruit and Vegetable ingredients with you in mind! We offer multiple Detox and Body Cleanser juice flavors from Sunday Morning and Iron Man to Cloverland and Have a Berry day along with our best seller, The KB24/8! Nothing about our juice is processed from additives, it is all organic…

All in all, I enjoyed my cleanse experience and think it would be a positive thing to incorporate on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For someone who is new to juicing or doing their first-ever juice cleanse, I would recommend trying a 1-day cleanse to get started. You might even try doing it with a friend or family member to have an accountability partner throughout the day (or 15 friends to get that 10% off group discount). And even if you don’t live near Mo Juice in St. Louis, Mo, remember to check out the Mo Juice Living Organic main website! Here at Mo Juice, we Guarantee to keep it simple

  • We GUARANTEED to pack our cold pressed organic juices when being shipped out.
  • We GUARANTEED you can pronounce everything on our labels.
  • We GUARANTEED to take our customers seriously.
  • We GUARANTEED that every single one of our ingredients is a good thing.

Because we believe that ONE GOOD THING can lead to another…



Our Mission

We believe every good and perfect gift comes from above, and we take our journey seriously. We love what we do, who we do it with, and why we do it, and strive to provide every community we’re blessed to be part of with the absolute best in organic goodness. The Mo Juice Living Organic family believes in the power of teamwork and friendship, and every one of our bottles of delicious cold-pressed juices carries our mission statement.

If you’re ready to start a brand that believes in honesty, goodness, and fun, we can’t wait to hear from you today!